Line art

Personalized Line Art Gifts

If you've been thinking about what to give for Christmas again this year or the next birthday is around the corner, then try it this time with beautiful line art pictures. These seemingly simple works of art only reveal their true characteristics in the picture upon closer inspection. Because each of them is individually designed and makes a wonderful personalized (Christmas) gift for a friend. Give the gift of joy with unique works of art. Whether framed or as a small addition to a picture wall, line art always fits in perfectly and becomes an eye-catcher at second glance.

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What is Line Art?

A wonderful gift idea and suitable for every taste and interior style. Line arts not only enchant with their simple beauty, but also with their surprising diversity. In a wide spectrum from portraits to landscapes, the subjects are reduced to their essential features and given a new design.

The special thing about this art style is that the finished picture consists only of simple lines. In “One Line Art” the drawn object is drawn from just a single, continuous line. Colors are omitted throughout the entire process, and usually also the filling of the shapes. However, this is not a must. The picture impresses with its simple beauty and timeless style. Although the drawing is only black and white, it still appears as an art object with moving depth and powerful expression. This makes it the ideal personalized gift for your loved ones.

Who invented line art?

Lineart per se was not invented by anyone. Every artist who paints on a canvas or paper must make a sketch. This sketch itself is already a lineart image; just not a finished one. In order to be considered as such, the sketches are improved over a long period of time and drawn in more detail and are not used as a template for a later painting. Sketching with charcoal, ink or graphite develops into the final work of art. Of course, I also painted with a brush. The artist completely leaves out other colors and only uses one.

From around 1500 onwards, it is more common to see surviving images that use only lines to create art. Ultimately, it is more of a challenge to forego color and filling elements entirely in order to use blank lines to raise shapes, shades and levels from the ground and to draw objects, faces or entire landscapes.

Which paper is best?

One of the most popular materials for drawing line art is ink. Since ink or ink is generally very liquid and smudges quickly, it is recommended to use special paper from the art store. Such paper is also the best choice for those who want to paint line art with paint and brushes. It should be thick, have a smooth surface and be absorbent to absorb the watery paint without wiping. Paper on which the lines bleed, i.e. fray uncleanly, is completely unsuitable for ink or paint.

Line art, in which dry materials are used instead, such as charcoal pencils or graphite, does not require as much attention to the good quality of the paper. For a meaningful work of art, thicker paper is obviously nicer to look at. However, if it's just smaller sketches, a thin sheet of paper is sufficient.

Everyone has countless pictures on their smartphone without really paying attention to them. But the most beautiful snapshots can be turned into a portrait to hang up as a framed picture, on canvas or as a poster and complement your own gallery wall. Or you can make your loved ones happy as a personal Christmas present for grandma and grandpa.